Consciously experience with meditation music

Music exists in all cultures, and probably since the dawn of humankind. It is used very often in meditation, to enhance the relaxation effect. In addition, meditation can be enhanced with the help of music.

Music and the Deep Meditation

The meditation is used to bring the people inner peace and serenity. It lets them new experiences, deeper levels of consciousness and it is beneficial to body, mind and spirit. There are many different ways to meditate in silence, with and without motion, with texts, images or of course, music.

Meditation music for a completely new experience

Many cultures have appropriate music, which is used to enhance the penetration and expansion of consciousness in meditation. /The same is true when it comes to the sounds of nature. For example, it is known that the singing of the whales and dolphins is often built into music and it influences very relaxing to many. Others prefer forest sounds or waterfall sounds. /
However, let us to get back to the impact of music in meditation.

The combination of meditation techniques with appropriate music influences in a completely new way. One can concentrate well, listen to soft music and forget completely about the surrounding world. Such a state of deep, powerful meditation helps to relieve stress and emotional detachment from the problems that each of us encounter in our everyday lives.

Relaxation music

Quiet music can help us unwind after a busy day. Nevertheless, “the Proper relaxation” is only the deep relaxation and it is requires conscious listening. Let us focus on the sounds because they act intensively on our feelings. About the reticular formation, a network of nerves in the brain stem, the limbic system is activated, and it controls our emotions. The effects are – reduce blood pressure, the muscles loosen up, and the stress disappears.

However, psychologists advise you to select your personal relaxation music very carefully.

A few basic rules:

The music should be slow, smooth and quiet, hardly rhythmic. If you have found something suitable, you will be best listen to it at least a quarter to an hour. For deep relaxation begins only after about seven minutes.

Nevertheless, beware: Some neuroscientists believe that many of the “relaxation music” can bring you more harm than good.