Meditation & Music

Music can be very relaxing. In addition, of course, you can use music for meditation. For this, you have several possibilities. Here are some things that you should make:

The choice of music

The music chosen by you to relax and create a pleasant atmosphere, but it should not sound for the entire house. The music should form a pleasant background; it should not compete with a live concert of your favourite band.

Fast or slow music?

With or without vocals?

If you you cannot concentrate when someone is singing, you should rely on instrumental pieces. An exception is of course if you want to chant during meditation, so you can sing along insert a CD with such songs.

Various accompaniments for meditation

Meditation Music

There are many CDs on the market, containing the meditation music. Most are gentle songs and sounds that should appeal to the subconscious mind and relax. As you purchase these CDs out that you can listen to it at least in sections, before you buy them, since not every music appeals to everyone.

Sounds from different cultures

Do you feel very connected to a particular culture; of course, you can select music from this area. Just as Indian, American Indian, Japanese, etc. music.

Drum rhythms

Drums can be a delightful accompaniment. Those who do not have the opportunity to drum itself can choose other form of meditation.

Nature sounds

In addition to music, there is also the possibility to use as a meditation background some nature sounds. Again, there are countless CDs with different scenarios. Therefore, you can use the voices of the forest, or singing of whales, summer storms or planet sounds. Most of these CDs sounds of nature combine with all other types of music.

Other options

If you do not like meditation music, drums you do not like and cannot find access to the sounds of nature as a support, you can rely also on other music. As I said, anything goes. You should just be careful.